March 24th, 2008

Now with actual proof!

Writing about biking in the Nürburgring earlier got me in the mood for a bikeride, so I went and did the woods route again. There are two technical bits that flummoxed me in there - the first one I’ve now learnt how to do, but the second I just can’t manage. It’s an open field that’s very wet and sludgy, and today I came off with an almighty splat! once again. This time, I got photographic evidence:

Muddy Field

I got much further this time than before - almost to the end. It firms up again about 20 metres ahead of where the bike is laying when the track it kinks to the right a bit.

Hopefully I can learn how to tackle this kind of terrain soon - I’m certainly getting better at it. The bike is constantly squirming around in the mud and you’ve got barely any grip - the clip-in shoes and pedals are definitely helping me now rather than hindering me.