January 31st, 2013

My Life In Pictures

In 2005, two things happened: I bought a kickass car, and Aperture 1.0 was released at the rather eye-watering price of £349. At the end of the year, I was playing with Aperture’s photo book tool by putting some pictures of my car in a book and inadvertently started a tradition I simultaneously despise and adore: My Life In Pictures.

Every year, I make a photo book of the interesting stuff that year brought — an interesting outcome is that a book’s thickness is a great way to see how interesting a year was for me. 2009 is an embarrassing 35 pages, whereas 2008 and 2006 are both pushing 100.

I despise them during the construction phase because they take an age to make — over a week of evenings for a long one. By the end I’m so sick and tired of looking at those damn photos I hesitate to buy the book I put together. Thankfully I’ve learned to push through that feeling and order, because every single time a book arrives I adore the result and happily add it to the slowly expanding collection.

Inside 2012 In Pictures.

These things are expensive — 2012 In Pictures is 63 pages and ordered through Blurb, which came to around €55 plus tax and shipping. However, they’re well worth it and I’m already enjoying going back a few years ago and flicking through what I did in the past. They also make great gifts for family members who are into that sort of thing.