February 19th, 2012

Weekend Project: Aperture Export Plugin for 500px.com

500px.com is a pretty awesome new(ish) photo site. I really prefer its layout and display of photos over Flickr, in part because it simply displays the photos bigger, and the photos are the most important thing!

They’ve been saying for a while now that an official Aperture Export plugin is coming, and there seems to be a lot of demand. Well, I got bored of them taking their sweet-ass time and threw together my own.

It requires Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) and Aperture 3.x, and do bear in mind that I made this in less than 48 hours, so it may be buggy and it’s certainly light on features. But, it gets my photos directly from Aperture into 500px, so I’m happy!

You can find out more and download the plugin from GitHub. Enjoy!

Oh, and if anyone loves this plugin so much that they want to get me a gift, well, gifting me a year’s worth of awesome would certainly be appreciated!