November 7th, 2011

Tales From an Unchecked Mind

I’ve been getting bored of my old domain,, for a while. It’s long and boring, and is pretty much the only thing online that uses my real name. I don’t mind my real name being common online, but since I’m iKenndac on more or less every service I’m a member of, having my website be different seemed a bit weird.

A couple of weeks ago, I registered a nifty new domain: It’s perfect - short, sweet, and to the point. The problem is, though, that my blog had a big “” logo on the top of it, and no other title or strapline. Replacing it with an “” logo seems silly since I’ll be keeping the domain alive for linking, and I was stumped.

That is, until today. A superb conversation popped up on Spotify’s internal IRC from Tobi, one of the designers, a slightly trimmed version of which I present here (I’m dan):

  • tobi: RIGHT
  • tobi: Time for weird theory
  • tobi: WHAT IF
  • tobi: “broken” was spelled “borken” from the beginning
  • dan: ?!
  • tobi: Then to enforce that something was broken, they broke the word
  • tobi: IE, they spelled “borken” -> “broken”
  • dan: But if it was spelled that way from the beginning, it wouldn’t be broken
  • dan: “borken” would be correct
  • tobi: yes, borken would be correct
  • tobi: NOWADAYS “broken” is correct
  • tobi: and borken is broken
  • tobi: but it may be turning back!
  • dan: And then hundreds of years later, people like you would be all “WHAT IF they spelled it ‘broken’ to break the word?!?!”
  • tobi: Exactly
  • dan: I should make a book of Tobi’s “theories”
  • tobi: dan: Best book ever
  • dan: Call it “Tales of an unchecked mind”
  • dan: HOLY SHIT
  • dan:
  • dan: DIBS
  • tobi: dan: hahaha
  • dan: I can’t believe I came up with a unique title of something that sounds somewhat good
  • dan: That’s totally being my blog’s title :-P
  • tobi: :-D
  • tobi: dan: butbutbutbut I should use that!
  • dan: Too late
  • tobi: you don’t have weird enough theories
  • dan: COPYRIGHT
  • dan: ©

In it, I spontaneously came up with the phrase “Tales of an unchecked mind”, which is both a cheesy tagline and perfect for a blog, but more importantly at the time of writing had ZERO results on Google when the exact phrase was entered!

I changed it slightly to “Tales From An Unchecked Mind” and am now using it as the title for my blog. I’ve been wanting to make my blog more personal for a while now, including more writing about non-tech stuff along with an page with my bio on it, and I think the new title will fit well.