December 31st, 2010

iPod Transporter: An Exciting New Product!

Are you sick and tired of having your collection of nearly 20 test iPods for work cluttering up your desk, getting lost and broken?

Me too!

That's why I've come up with a revolutionary new product — the iPod Transporter!

iPod Transporter Front Quarter View

Using the iPod Transporter, you can store and transport your iPods and iPhones in speed and style!


Equipped for Speed and Style

iPod Transporter is outfitted with two motors, for unrivalled power and speed! In addition, the tracks are independently operated allowing iPod Transporter to turn a full circle on the spot!

Built for Stability and Versatility

Unlike other Lego-based iPod storage and transport solutions on the market, the iPod Transporter has its battery pack and motors as low as possible in the chassis, giving great stability during those high-speed turns — and the tracks allow it to traverse rough terrain with ease!

iPod Transporter Side View

Built-In iPod Dock and Cable Management

Sick and tired of losing your iPod cables and docks? With its built-in Universal Dock, iPod Transporter makes that problem a thing of the past. Simply drive your iPod Transporter up to the computer of choice, plug it into a spare USB port and place your chosen device into the built-in Dock.

iPod Transporter Rear View

Remote Controlled

No longer do you have to, um, manually drive your iPods around! iPod Transporter comes with remote-control functionality as standard!

iPod Transporter Front View

Shuffle Pouch

No longer will you lose those tiny iPod Shuffles down the back of the sofa! iPod Transporter is equipped with an innovative storage solution for your iPod Shuffles — and even the Sixth Generation iPod Nano. Simply extend the pouch, place your iPods inside and safely stow it away again.

iPod Transporter Shuffle Pouch Extended

iPod Transporter Shuffle Pouch Stowed

Don't delay, get yours today!


This isn't a real product. If you want to build one yourself, you're on your own! However, mine was built pretty much exclusively built with parts from the Lego Motorised Bulldozer.